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We are para-novella role-play site loosely based off of DC Fables as well as other fables, myths and literary tales. We have no word count and there is no limit to how many characters you may have. We allow the use of celebrities from movies, television shows, and sports as well as models and bands. We also allow comic book images as well as CG images from video games. We have a fun and friendly atmosphere and we focus more on character development, group activities and story lines.

We do prefer either using fade to black since all out descriptiveness of sexual acts is against the TOS of the forum host, or at least being very tactful and refraining from using pornographic descriptions of body parts, etc.

When registering for the first time, please register with the alias that you wish to be known by here on the forum and it must be a single name (for example, you could register as Axle) and there can be no numbers attached to the name (in other words, you cannot register as warlock334).

All subsequent accounts must have a first and last name with the first letter of each capitalized (i.e.: John Doe).

LOCATION: New York City & the 5 Borroughs



MUNDY - 02
MYTHS - 16
MALES - 33
07/02/2015 - This is an invite only RP site created for a group of writers to use as a break away from the other sites they either run or play on. We do have to validate each account that is registered, so unless we have invited you to join our site, your registration will be deleted, sorry.
Site graphics created by VELVET

Credits for face claim, who's who and various multi-mod stamps goes to M.Shadows of SHINE

Twisted Tales is an RPG based loosely on DC Fables and other myths, fables, literary tales and fairy tales. All characters belong to their respective creators and no copyright infringement is intended.

All images and posts belong to the members and guests of our forum and anyone caught stealing will be captured, tortured and fed to Bigby Wolf.

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